Non-invasive Ventilator, HFNC oxygen therapy device

  • Year Founded: 2013
  • Headquarters: Changsha,China
  • Estimated Employees: N/A
  • Product Lines:
    • Sleep and Respiratory Solution(For Family)
    • Hospital Respiratory Solution(For Hospital)
    • HFNC oxygen therapy device
    • Accessories(Filter, Tubing, SpO2 Sensor, Water Chamber)
  • Products:
    • Bi-level non-invasive ventilator --Sepray ST-30F, Sepray ST-30D
    • Auto CPAP non-invasive ventilator --Sepray CPAP A25
    • Non-invasive Ventilator --Sepray ST-30H, Sepray ST-30A, Sepray ST-30C
    • Heated humidified high flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy device --Sepray OH-70
    • SpO2 Sensor
Micomme Sepray i series sleep

Sepray i series sleep

Micomme Sepray BPAP A30

Sepray BPAP A30

Micomme Sepray ST - 30C

Sepray ST - 30C

Micomme Sepray OH-70

Micomme Sepray OH-70

Micomme Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd. is the Chinese leading providers focused on medical devices for sleep apnea and respiratory solution. We’re passionate on bringing settlement that lead to home care and hospital with own brand “Sepray ” on chronic respiratory disease.

We constantly offer the scientific, comfortable and natural treatment method for doctors and patients in the global sleep and respiratory market.

Our self- developed M+Health Care cloud platform is able to analysis the real- time patient situation and monitor treatment of patients to improve their outcomes through big data.

These independent innovation built our competitive advantages. Till now, more than 100 patents have been approved or applied by us. For the future, we dedicated to providing the best quality of products and services for all our customers.