Biochemistry Hematology

Hematology, Chemistry, Specific Protein Analyzer, POCT, Veterinary

  • Year Founded: 2004
  • Headquarters: Shenzhen,China
  • Estimated Employees: N/A
  • Product Lines:
  • Products:
    • KT-6610 5-Diff Hematology analyzer
    • KT-6300/KT-6400/KT-60 3-Diff Hematology analyzer
    • GS480A/GS300 Plus Auto Chemistry analyzer
    • WP-21A Semi-auto Chemistry analyzer
    • GE500 Electrolyte analyzer
    • PA120 Fully-auto Specific Protein analyzer
    • FA50 ImmunoFluorescence Assay analyzer
    • VH30 Hematology analyzer(for Veterinary)
Genrui KT-6610 5-Diff Hematology analyzer

KT-6610 5-Diff Hematology analyzer

Genrui KT-6400 3-Diff Hematology analyzer

KT-6400 3-Diff Hematology analyzer

Genrui GS480A Auto Chemistry analyzer

GS480A Auto Chemistry analyzer

Genrui GE500 Electrolyte analyzer

GE500 Electrolyte analyzer

Genrui FA50 ImmunoFluorescence Assay analyzer

FA50 ImmunoFluorescence Assay analyzer

Genrui VH30 Hematology analyzer(for Veterinary)

VH30 Hematology analyzer(for Veterinary)

Genrui Biotech Inc. (formerly known as “Shenzhen Genius Electronics Co., Ltd”), is one of the leading Chinese companies specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing IVD equipment and reagents. Established in 2004, Genrui has experienced great progress in both product development and market presence. Product range covers Immunoassay, Chemistry, Hematology, Urinalysis, and Point-of-Care, as well as associated reagents, while market presence spreads across whole of China and more than 100 countries worldwide.

Being a national high-tech enterprise and an ISO9001 & ISO13485 qualified company, Genrui has implemented high standards to every aspect  from product development, manufacturing, quality control and customer relations. With the core value "Innovation, Quality, Service" rooted in mind, our vision is to become a worldwide reputable brand for IVD.