Biochemistry Hematology

Hematology Analyzer, Urinalysis, Chemistry Analyzer, POCT, Veterinary Products

  • Year Founded: 1984
  • Headquarters: Guilin,China
  • Estimated Employees: 1700
  • Product Lines:
  • Products:
    • URIT-5500/BH-5390/URIT-5380 5-Part-Diff Hematology Analyzer
    • URIT-3000Plus/BH-70P 3-Part-Diff Hematology Analyzer
    • US-2000 AI Modular Urinalysis Workflow
    • URIT-560/URIT-330/UC-32A/URIT-31 Urine Analyzer
    • CA-801A/URIT-8460/URIT-8210 Automatic Chemistry Analyzer
    • PH-01/01A Hemoglobin Meter
    • URIT-10 Uric Acid and Blood Glucose Meter
    • URIT-910C Plus Electrolyte Analyzer
    • URIT-5380Vet 5-Part-Diff Hematology Analyzer(for Veterinary)
URIT BH-5390 5-Part-Diff Hematology Analyzer

BH-5390 5-Part-Diff Hematology Analyzer

URIT BH-70P 3-Part-Diff Hematology Analyzer

BH-70P 3-Part-Diff Hematology Analyzer

URIT URIT-1000Plus Urine Sediment Analyzer

URIT-1000Plus Urine Sediment Analyzer

URIT URIT-8280 Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

URIT-8280 Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

URIT PH-01-01A Hemoglobin Meter

PH-01-01A Hemoglobin Meter

URIT URIT-910C Plus Electrolyte Analyzer

URIT-910C Plus Electrolyte Analyzer

URIT URIT-5160Vet 5-Part-Diff Hematology Analyzer

URIT-5160Vet 5-Part-Diff Hematology Analyzer

URIT UC-32A Urine Analyzer

URIT UC-32A Urine Analyzer

URIT is one of the first companies in China to bring IVD diagnostics to domestic patients’ benefits since its establishment in 1984.

Now it’s a top leading global professional IVD supplier in China, and recognized as the frontrunner in urinalysis and veterinary diagnostics, top leading brand for hematology and biochemistry. Besides, URIT’s wide product portfolio is completed with POCT, electrolyte, coagulation, ELISA, medical electronic products and etc. URIT offer whole package solution to hospitals, labs, physician offices and vets, and empower worldwide end users with our reliable tests and with profound information.

Everyday, an estimated 200,000 medical and health institutions in 180+ countries and areas benefit from our technologies and service. With our 1700+ dedicated colleagues all heart in, beyond standard quality control management system, 400+ R&D experts and specialists with decades experience, and the top level technical supporting team in China, URIT reinforces our partners’ power to serve better with combined systematic network.

More than 300 scientists and specialists make URIT R&D team outstanding among our peers,accounting for over 20% out of URIT total employees, obtaining thousands of patents. Every year URIT input around 15% of sales revenue into R&D, which enables us to have access to world cutting-edge technology and delivery constantly improved products to our partners.

Thanks to our unremitting efforts, URIT is moving rapidly to 1st tier IVD products and service supplier worldwide and continuously brightening life with diagnostics.