• Year Founded: 2008
  • Headquarters: Chongqing,China
  • Estimated Employees: 1300
  • Product Lines:
  • Products:
    • EXC 200/ZS400 Chemistry Analyzer
    • Chemistry Reagents(C1q, HCY, PG I/II, PCT, NT-proBNP, cTnI/CK-MB/Myo, Cys-C)
    • Z5 5-diff hematology analyzer
    • Z3/Z3 CRP 5-diff hematology analyzer
    • Q7 Quantitative Immunoassay Analyzer
Chemistry Reagents

Chemistry Reagents

Zybio ZS400 Chemistry Analyzer

ZS400 Chemistry Analyzer

Zybio Z5 5-diff hematology analyzer

Z5 5-diff hematology analyzer

Zybio Q7 Quantitative Immunoassay Analyzer

Q7 Quantitative Immunoassay Analyzer

Zybio Inc. (referred to as “Zybio”) is a national high-tech enterprise founded in 2008, one of the leading Chinese medical company dedicated in a comprehensive line of IVD reagents and equipment, including Chemistry, Hematology, POCT, Molecule, Immunoassay, Biomaterials.

Since the beginning, Zybio has implemented high standard in all aspects in terms of research & development, production, marketing, sales and technical services, to satisfy the needs of our users.

Until 2018, there are more than 900 employees in Zybio, of which 1/3 are from R&D Department. We have consistently made huge investment into R&D, currently we have 4 R&D centers located respectively in Shanghai, Chongqing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. At same time, in order to keep competitiveness of enterprise from the origin, Zybio is continuously investing in R&D to improve our product, develop new product and research the advanced technology in IVD industry. In addition, we have an independent service center allocating more than 100 service or application engineers to serve our clients throughout the world.

Based on the ideology of “plan together, create together, share together”, we have set up a network of operations throughout China and keep expanding globally.